David & Naomi MeeDavid and Naomi both came from a past of difficulty, abuse, trauma, dysfunctional homes & difficult relationships. For the first 10 years of their marriage, they both struggled personally, and as a couple.

Naomi struggled with depression, self-harm, bulimia and anxiety. On top of this, she battled with a husband who never grew into his masculinity and who had an affair.

David struggled with pornography addiction, alcohol addiction and a disconnection from his emotions. He never engaged in the marriage as an equal and was stuck as an ‘awkward teenager’ most of the time.

After David’s affair, they began rebuilding their marriage, and both went on a journey of healing and empowerment. They struggled through the challenges of living as a married couple, of breaking free of a restrictive and legalistic religious system, and of increasing their family from two children to five.

Along the journey, they both discovered their passion for helping other couples who’d also suffered the heartbreak of an affair. This passion drove them into self-development and training.

David and Naomi studied many aspects of human relationships, such as core values, personality types, love languages, boundaries, psycho-cybernetics, self-help techniques and spirituality.

What gets them out of bed every day? A passion to help people uncover why they act, feel and behave the way they do, and to help them unlock their greatness, so they can grow, live and love fully!

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