Glenda O’Neill – Director of Novo Counselling

Novo CounsellingAs part of our team, Glenda provides professional therapy. Her passion is to help you find freedom from negative thoughts and develop new strategies to navigate your thought life. Whether it be overwhelming emotion, anxiety or stress due to your daily routine, or pain from your past that you’ve simply been unable to discard, she can help you achieve greater emotional wellbeing and quality of life, through her largely evidence-based counselling techniques.

Walking with people through ‘Grief, Transition and Loss’ (which encompasses so much more than we often imagine) is an especially ‘close-to-the-heart’ passion of hers.

Iron Therapies

Josh and Jon provide customised workouts, designed to establish good fitness habits. For those struggling with any form of addiction or swamped by the task of personal growth and rebuilding a relationship, simple but powerful workouts focus the mind and set positive reinforcement in the brain.