Affair Recovery Mentoring

Has your marriage been through an affair? We know the pain and hopelessness! How it can feel like there is no way out ..

We want to tell you there is hope for your relationshipand most importantly, there is hope for yourself!

After going through the pain of an affair, we have rebuilt our relationship to the point where we are connected and more in love than we ever were before. We had to struggle and fight for it, and it took us far longer than it had to, but one thing is for sure – we are incredibly thankful we stuck out the hard and messy to get to where we are now.

We have been left with a deep desire to help couples and individuals who are suffering the same pain we did.

This desire has been born from the utter loneliness and isolation we felt in the first few years after the affair. We had no support and no one who could walk with us through the journey, pointing us in the right direction. We knew what we wanted, but didn’t know how to get there.

Now we are able to offer this to you.

As Certified Marriage Mentors and drawing on the experience & insight that our own marriage journey out of infidelity has bought us, together with years of walking with other couples, many hours of mentoring sessions and learning under some amazing Marriage/Relationship leaders over the years, such as Gary & Mona Shriver, Dr Willard Harvey, Dr Henry Cloud & Drs Les and Leslie Perrott.

Naomi provides comfort, clarity, wisdom and someone to walk alongside women who have been betrayed. 

David provides a non-judgmental ear and a clear direction for men who have betrayed their partner and want to restore their relationship.

For support and more information on the mentoring programs we offer please send us an email or find us on facebook 


David and Naomi Mee