G’day from down under!

However you’ve found your way here, i’m glad you’ve made it!

What I offer can be life changing!

While our passion is to help people in challenging marriages, especially where an affair and porn addiction has caused great pain, I can help men in any number of situations, with any number of ‘stuck places’ in their life.

While working with men involved in affairs, I found that the basic reasons for why men are stuck, and find themselves in this situation, are the same reasons that men are stuck in any other area.

It all starts with what you believe about yourself!

What I will do for you as a mentor, is firstly have a complimentary full Breakthrough session with me.

In that session, I will ask you some very personal questions, which will take us back to the cause of the limiting beliefs which have caused you to get to this place. We will have a breakthrough, and I will recommend some simple but powerful tools to begin permanent growth in your life.

From there we can decide if you need support ongoing to implement these changes, and we can discuss your options.

Typical support, depending on availability and timing include –

  • a 3 or 6 month one on one mentor intensive
  • a place in one of my 3 month masterminds
  • entry into my private Facebook group, where you and many other men also on a journey of growth can interact with me and each other in an atmosphere of acceptance and support.

I will only work with men who are willing to have their beliefs challenged, and issues called out! The reason for this, is that, as a mentor, I can only help men who are willing to change whatever it takes to break through what is keeping them stuck. I can point the way, but you will have to do the work!

I totally understand how you got where you got to, I don’t judge you at all, how can I? I’ve been there and done what ever you did, and held similar beliefs about myself and my life which you do. I have, however struggled and fought to rebuild my marriage, and let go of many limiting beliefs, and it has worked!

So if I call out areas which are unhealthy or need to change, it comes from a place of knowing what will stop you from breaking though, rebuilding your relationships, and living out the greatness which is within you.

So where to now?

If you have read through all that so far, and want to really work on rebuilding your life and relationships, then email me, support@breakthroughmarriagementoring.com, message me on facebook, or book a time to have a one on one chat.

All the best brother!

David Mee