For Couples

Greeting to you both,

If you are wanting to repair, rebuild, grow and heal from the effects of betrayal, addictions or crisis in your relationship then as well as working separately with each of you, we will also support and mentor you as a couple.

You can choose to work separately with each of us, together or a mixture of both.

In our experience in mentoring other couples, a mix of both enables you to move forward at a quicker pace and more thoroughly.

If you are both choosing to stay in the relationship and work on what is necessary to heal and move forward then we can definitely assist in getting you both to a place where your relationship will be stronger, deeper and worth the pain and fight.

We have a range of mentoring packages for couples – Affair Recovery, Addiction Recovery, Mini Marriage Breakthrough, Beyond Crisis & Private Weekend Intensives. Our Mentoring is done in 3 or 6 month commitment blocks.

For support or for more information on the packages we offer please reach out at any time at or find us on  FaceBook @breakthroughmarriagementoring 

Best wishes

David & Naomi Mee

David & Naomi Mee