For The Ladies

Welcome lovely lady!
So grateful and honoured to have you visit

It is my greatest passion & greatest gift to empower women from their places of pain and bring them into their unique feminine gloriousness!
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Let me take you on a journey from imprisonment, hiding, weariness and heartbreak to taking flight and flourishing fiercely within yourself and in all you bring to the world and your relationships.

Rise victorious precious one and unfold your wings!

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As a Certified Marriage Mentor I work with women who are wanting to fight for their marriage – through crisis, infidelity or addictions, for women who are wanting a whole and healed relationship but their partner is not in that place and healing from heartbreak and pain from a broken marriage.

As an Empowerment Mentor – I walk with women out of the effects of lifetimes of pain and heartbreak. Of never truly owning their own identiy and unique self. From places of self preservation, hiding, bitterness and weariness into being Keepers of Their Heart.

I take them to a place to claim their beautiful feminine power that they have within, and lead them to flourish fiercely in love, connection & joy!
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I offer mentoring packages for Marriage Mentoring, Keeper of Your Heart Immersion, Inner Child Healing, Building Healthy Boundaries & a yearly Keeper of Your Heart 3 day Retreat. Details for the Retreat can be found at 

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Big love to you!

Naomi x
Certified Marriage Mentor
& Empowerment Mentor for Women


‘Keeper of Your Heart’ 3 day Retreat is coming up in November 2018! 

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