A mans responsibilty in the relationship

In this post, I will outline a fundamental concept, which all men should have been taught, and which is critical if you have been unfaithful, and wish to rebuild your relationship.

It is not the responsibility of a woman to fill you emotionally!

A woman’s has a deep desire to be fought for and pursued. All the great stories from all ages revolve around a brave man rescuing and fighting for his lady. This is because deep down, men and women are fundamentally different.

There is something which stirs in the heart of a woman, when a man-

  • goes out of his way, consistently, to make her feel seen and heard.
  • goes above and beyond to be loving and caring
  • keeps showing that he cares for her, even when she pushes him away
  • shows unconditional love, consistently, regardless of how she behaves
  • makes her feel like he is fighting for her

A man must show up as a man, confident in his own self. He must like himself and have worked through most of his demons from his childhood. This is a mans responsibility. He cannot bring his brokenness to the relationship and expect his wife to help him heal.

For a woman to thrive and grow into her true feminine self, she needs a strong masculine figure. Typically, this was done by her father, as she grew up. With so many broken families, and fathers who never became men, it is now up to husbands to be the strong masculine figure in her life. He doesn’t have to fix her in any way, simply show up as a self filled, masculine man. She will grow and thrive in those conditions.

When a woman feels loved and fought for, she will naturally respond in love. She will go out of her way to find ways to please and love her man.

For the most healthy husband wife dynamic, a man must not expect anything from his wife, at all. No expecting her behave a certain way, say or do things a certain way, nothing.

We all feel most like giving, and enjoy it the most, when we do not feel that it is expected of us.

We want to give of our own free will.