Processing The Lies of Betrayal

This statement is at the very core of the processing that occurs for a betrayed spouse/partner

When all the lies and deceit have been aired & exposed, then there is a VERY long and hard process for the betrayed to unpack all they thought *was* & replace it with what *truely was*

To begin with the WHOLE relationship is up for questioning. That’s what lies do! They ‘create doubt in every truth expressed’

Every single memory and event needs to be pulled out of the mind & corrected.

Which makes it so VERY IMPORTANT & absolutely VITAL that the unfaithful partner be 100% open, honest and upfront if they want any chance at re-building their relationship.

When a relationship is uncovered & shown to be founded on bed of deceit and lies there becomes almost a unbearable driving force within the betrayed to uncover the truth:
›For truths sake!
›And to not feel like the fool who has been taken for a ride by the one who’s word has been to love them the most.

For me – my heart felt like I was the worlds biggest idiot, like I had been taken on a tortuous merry ride and laughed at the whole time for my blind trust.
I felt I had been scorned for loving & caring while being tricked like a fool.

Between the war that goes on inside of wanting to know the ‘truth’ and also the body repelling any notion of this because of the intense pain, it no surprise you feel like you are loosing your mind and your very soul.

But can I caringly encourage you to step slowly though the pain and work on uncovering the lies to replace your memories with the true version of what was going on.
The healing that comes is far deeper and long lasting when you are able to do this.

Take your time!
Don’t rush it & be ever so gentle on your heart.
Find support & love in those around you to help this process.

Please reach out at any time – I am only a Facebook PM or email away.
Much love to you