Jeremy Libby

I just wanted to personally thank you both for your wonderful insight in dealing with tarnished relationships, and ways to recover. I didn’t realise until I reviewed your Facebook material, that I was responsible for my ex feeling hurt, lonely and angry.

I’ve used some of your brilliant memes and short informative videos to learn, grow emotionally and understand what being a good man really is.

A month or so after absorbing your genius, I had plenty of things to apologise for!

I look forward to more wisdom from such an amazing couple! A month of reading and watching your simple but magical observations, has made me grow more as a viable, emotionally strong partner than years of therapy has. I’ve learned so much about my emotions, I can’t thank you enough!

I would recommend your page and services to anyone who really wants to recover from relationship problems.

Most gratefully

Jeremy D Libby

Boston, MA, USA